A Vorniax (red, "Infernal" unit)

The Vorniax are the most popular and iconic of the Sheriff's recurring villains. They were introduced early in the first season in 1959.


The Vorniax hail from the constellation Fornax (The Furnace). They were originally created on the planet Kraos by the scientist Phaestos, who had a vision of the universe ending in ice. He used as the source of his creations a peaceful indigenous race of energy beings known the Narviox. He twisted them and notified them to his purposes, and charged them with the mission of forestalling the inevitable heat death of the universe. Their efforts in the universe are typically focused on advancing their empire (The Vornaxis) as well as heating the universe and engaging in activities which they believe will put off entropy. They first appeared in human history in the pre-Revolutionary War period in the colonial United States of America when Vorniax scouts inspired Benjamin Franklin to invent the "Franklin stove" (episode: "Revolution of the Vorniax". The Sheriff battled them many times during the run of the classic series. 

The first appearance in the revived series was a lone surviving Vorniax found in an abandoned mine in Colorado (episode "Lonesome Vorniax"). The showrunners sought to have the Vorniax come back in the form of toilets, to fit in with the crude humour of the first series, but this idea didn't make it to the final concept of the re-imagined Sheriff Sky.

The Vorniax props for the Sheriff SKY TV show were designed and created by the puppeteer and television producer brothers Sid and Marty Krofft. To this day, the Krofft brothers are often identified separately in credits and in merchandising of Vorniax-related toys. Typically, actual antique  domestic pot-bellied stoves were used. In the storylines of the Sheriff SKY TV show, this was explained as part of a camouflage tactic by Vorniax invaders. The Krofft brothers and their successors often modified the props so they had jointed moving legs and attached weapons. Entirely hand-built Vorniax props were also created to do things that actual manufactured stoves could not do.

While a few of the larger, more complicated Vorniax had actors inside them (dubbed Vorniactors by fans), for the most part the Vorniax were filmed such that heavy boards pushed their bases along for motion.

The Vorniax voices for the new Sheriff SKY have so far all been done by Brigadier Nicks, a long time British Sheriff SKY fan who is also actively serving in the military. He is also deeply involved in the Grand Finale audio productions.


Vorniax are superheated semi-organic plasma energy beings. They need a vessel in which to go forth into the universe. Typically, this vessel is in the form of a robotic exoskeleton with a furnace at the heart containing the burning "soul" of the Vorniax. These robotic forms are often disguised as kitchen stoves or furnaces, especially when present on Earth. When Vorniax are armed, the weapons tend to be a branding iron, and an electric shock-whip. Their most common proclamation is "Burn! Burn! You will Burn!". A Vorniax soldier will typocally have a robotic eye sensor somewhere on its surface (or two of these, or even more). These remain dark when the Vorniax want to remain truly hidden,and light up when they go into attack mode.

While the typical Vorniax was a dull metal colour for camouflage purposes (and to simplify and streamline prop work), the marketed tie-in toys tend to be of garish colors, and several brightly colored models ("The New Standard") were introduced at the episode "Triumph of the Vorniax":

Each of the five New Standard models has a shell of a different colour, representing their role in the Vorniax heirarchy: red, Spark; blue, Flamet; orange, Flre; red, Infernall and white, Great Incandescent. Speaking in the programme Sheriff SKY Secrets,  Executive Producer Murphy Steson stated that the function of the "Incandescent" had yet to be decided.