All-Time Saloon (1959)

The All-Time Saloon is the vehicle, hideout, and home of the Sheriff in Sheriff SKY. And a lot more. Its batwing swinging doors have become an icon of the series.


The All-Time Saloon made its first appearance in the very first episode of Sheriff Sky: "The Alien Kid". It was a feature of the TV show from 1959 to 1991, and also in the 1996 movie. With revival of the Sheriff SKY TV show in 2004, it was replaced with a noxious portable toilet structure (known as the C.A.N.). This was explained later as a radical and temporary form-change for the All-Time Saloon, and after the change to the Tenth Sheriff, the more typical Western saloon form had returned.

The All-Time Saloon acts as the Sheriff's vehicle, because he can change the time or world which lies outside its doors.


The All-Time Saloon appears from the outside as small square saloon building, or sometimes as just the lone doors of such a building suspended in swirling fog, or sometimes as the saloon doors appearing as an opening in an existing wall somewhere. The inside was typical of a Western saloon: with a floor with several tables, and a bar, behind which the Sheriff stood (or sometimes his deputies, or sometimes a bartender).

A door behind the bar led to a small back room, which contained a couple of cots and several crates. A back door led out from this room to the "outside", which was very rarely done ("Journey Behind the Saloon"). Outside the Saloon (out the back door) was an amorphous and frightening alien landscape that was considered to be part of the extradimensional nexus that was the All-Time Saloon.

The Sheriff was able to control the position of the Saloon within the universe by use of cash register on the counter. The noise of the Saloon's relocation was a sort of sound of a high wind with a bell-like tinkle in it. When there was major distress, the sound of a mission bell tolled.

The All-Time Saloon had clientele, often mysterious figures from different times or alien planets which were seen in the background, but might not figure into the plot other than occasional words. This has been typical during the show's history, except during the time of the Sixth Sheriff and Seventh Sheriff, when the budget was being cut, and there were no extras sitting at the tables.