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The Sheriff SKY TV show is a American western science-fiction series that has been on and off since 1959 and has gained a worldwide following. The program's premise is simple but has made for a wide variety of stories: An extraterrestrial lawman, transporting himself across the universe in a mysterious saloon, solves mysteries, helps people, and saves planets. The show had influence on later programs including The Wild Wild West, Doctor Who, Inspector Spacetime, and Walker: Texas Ranger. The character of The Sheriff in Sheriff SKY was also a major inspiration for the "Man With No Name" mysterious gunman character that appeared Western films in the 1960s.


The Sheriff is an alien from a distant planet called Koloss, who has come to Earth to protect us against threats from the Earth and all points beyond—such as the Vorniax, the Data-Tribe, the Odions, the Saguarans, the U-Rangers, and his arch rival (and fellow Spaceslinger) the Marshall. His people were an advanced race, known throughout the galaxies and the millennia as the Spaceslingers They were the lawmen for all realities the universe with their astounding extradimensional technology but their vision of justice evolved to exclude any compassion. Seeking to extend their influence over all creations, the Spaceslingers perished in the catastrophic "Last Gunfight".

Now the lone survivor of his race, the Sheriff, armed with the "Six Dimensional Gun", travels the universe in his mysterious All-Time Saloon, from which one can exit the swinging doors into any place, any time, or even any realm of the mind.

To help bring justice to the universe, the Sheriff takes along apprentices that he calls "deputies". The milieu of the Sheriff has come to be called the Westerverse. This consists of the various settings for his stories: the Old West (in various degrees of reality), different planets, and other Earthly locations he has travelled to.

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