Three Odions

The Odions were introduced in the new seasons of Sheriff SKY, in the episode "The Impossible Ranch". Their race name Odion derives from an Egyptian term meaning "born of twins". They come from the Gemini constellation and are one of race of two co-evolved species. The other species was believed to be long-since perished. Missing their brothers, the Odions seek members of other races to be bonded to them telepathically as "twins" in a fraternal relationship.

In "The Impossible Ranch", human ranch-hands at the "Black Hole Ranch" worked alongside Odions, who closely assisted them. Odions desire not to serve, nor to dominate: but instead to work in a close and equal fraternal partnership on an individual level, with humans (or members of other races). The ranch was named affter a nearby mine, which humans and Odions were working to re-open .Problems arose when the telepathic links between the human cowboys and the Odions (or "Dudes") began to be broken, and the Odions began to behave in odd, sometimes destructive ways.

In "The Devil's Twin", it was revealed that the Odions' co-evolved twin race, the Karellans, actually had not perished, but that the Odions had with great difficulty broken free from them in the ancient past, due to the Karallan race spiralling into evil. A Karallan remnant had recently been unearthed in a disused mine, and the crisis solved when the Sheriff confronted the Karellans and re-sealed the mine shaft.

One notable Odeon individual was Castor 18 (or just "Eighteen") who wanted to be the Sheriff's twin, and helped to warn him telepathically of the events leading up to his renewal


The Odions have squid-like heads, with tentacles which can be extended and can be used to rope cattle (or tie down enemies)..